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Beneteau Boats For Sale UK

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Beneteau Boats For Sale UK

Benjamin Bénéteau inherited his love for the sea from his uncle and, at the age of 12, joined the lugger Eliza as ship’s boy. In 1884 he started his own boatyard on Quai des Greniers, Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, France. While starting out making lugger, dundee and smack sailing boats, in 1909 the Bénéteau yard designed the first engine-powered fishing boat in the district.

The First World War stopped production for a number of years until, in 1928, Benjamin’s son, André Bénéteau took over the yard and new vessels began rolling out again. Work was good until the decline in the fishing trade in the early 1960s hit. Looking to find ways to continue, the Bénéteau family used their knowledge of new material polyester to manufacture dinghies instead.

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The yard marketed their dinghies to sardine fishermen: models included the 3.6 metre the Guppy, the 4.3 metre Flétan and the 5.8 metre Ombrine. The Paris Boat Show of 1965 helped Bénéteau find a gap in the market for their dinghies and received orders for the Morbihan, the Finistère and the Côtes du Nord.

Further development in the 1970s produced Bénéteau’s the Evasion, a range of recreational fishing boats. A new plant was built to allow for the expansion of the yard and new range Antares arrived at the same time. Legendary high-performance sailing yacht, the First, arrived in 1980, followed by the Flyer range. The 80s also saw Bénéteau push more into export, particularly in the United States.

Later moments in Bénéteau history include greater expansion and collaboration with Jeanneau, as well as the acquisition of other boat companies.

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