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Compare Vessels

Using BoatClassified compare feature is simple and easy to use.  Any boat or yacht buyers can quickly and easily compare vessels side by side makes buying your next boat easy.  You can compare any factors such as size, fuel type and price.

Search Boats To Buy

Searching for boats to buy on BoatClassified.com is quick and easy.  You can select by vessel type or simply use our search functionality to sort boats into your desired field types.  Once you have selected your boats or yachts of interest you are capable of contacting the seller directly.

Sell My Boat

To advertise your boat for sale you just need to follow these quick steps.   Contact our team via our “Contact Form” providing all of the boat specification, boat photos and if applicable a boat video.  With our state of the art website we can host all boats for sale and place you in front of a global market place.

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About Us

BoatClassified is the global market place for owners / brokers to list your boat for sale.  Be it a single classified or your entire inventory of listings BoatClassified places your boat at the forefront of the market.  Global buyers to view and buy your boat with ease.

BoatClassified offers the very latest in new technology with a global search platform.  This means buyers can sort, select and compare boat options from a click of a button.  Our unique classified options provide you with the very best solution in advertising your boat for sale.

Contact us today and let our team assist you in creating your boat classified listing.

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