Terhi 475BR

Car Details
Boat type Power
Make Terhi
Model 475 Twin C
Year N/A
Fuel type N/A
Hull material Fiber Glass
Seller Note

DescriptionTerhi introduced a new flagship.

Terhi has designed a new ABS-boat, which the whole family can fold the journey safely and comfortably sheltered from the wind. Terhi 475 Terhi BR complement the collection very popular.

NEW The boat is ideal for different activities.

As well as connecting door form a protective rear space. Rear space is equipped with two paddeds and wide in the back seat, which is enough space for a total of up to five adults.The connecting door between the consoles is easy to use and sturdy. The lower part gets hot in the summer heat to lock in the open position, so that the air flow cools the protected windshield travelers. boat may be equipped with a canopy, which has its own Canopy storage.

Boat consoles are designed for the modern users in mind. excellent storage space for small items. Consoles have also the power output and two lockable glove compartment. The boats storage space is also carefully thought out: the bow has an anchor box as well as the bow storage locker with rope boxes, rear seat storage area, as well as Canopy storage. As usual, all the storage space on the cable boxes except for lockable.

The sporty Terhi 475 BR’s body point is its ABS-three-shell structure. ABS plastic material is easy to care for and keep clean. It is highly resistant to wear and put up with our highest attacks. Three-wall construction makes the boat very safe and unsinkable, because the bodywork gaps are filled closed with cell polyurethane foam witch is impervious to water.

The new 475 BR has a high freeboard, smooth coat and transport of goods is suitable, Boat safety is ensured.

Terhi BR 475 is the ideal boat

Technical information

Height 4.75 m

Width 1.85 m

Weight 390 kg

payload 5

Maximum load: 405 kg

Draught 0.28 m

Engine recommendation 40-60 hp

The maximum recommended engine weight 115 kg

Approval Category C

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