X-Yachts XP44

Car Details
Boat type Sail
Make X-Yachts
Model XP44
Year 2014
Fuel type N/A
Hull material
Seller Note

“Warrior Won” is a really special example of the timeless Xp44 design.
Built in 2014 and still with her first owner, she has been used for both racing and cruising alike.
In the latter years, the racing optimization and upgrade story was really accelerated and the boat has been developed far beyond the factory spec “Sport” pack that she originally started out with.
A full time captain has been with the boat for the duration and a no-expense spared attitude from the owner, has kept her looking fresh out the box.
A very lightly used cruising inventory and a huge array of high spec racing sails, means “Warrior Won” really is the perfect all-rounder.

X Performance yachts are built using the latest construction technologies, with a vacuum-infused epoxy and locally carbon reinforced hull.

At the heart of every X-Yacht is the keel grid structure. X-Yachts pioneered the galvanised keel hull girder back in 1981, which offers superb reassurance and safety as it enables hulls to withstand extreme shock loads from grounding at near maximum hull speed. In the Xp models carbon fibre replaces the previous steel. Carbon tapes are incorporated throughout the keel floors, an integral part of the Xp 44 hull liner, for improved rigidity and resilience with reduced weight. The hull liner is in turn bonded securely to the hull surface.

Composite Chain plates Reinforcement in the rig attachment area utilities a combination of uni-directional and multi-axial fibres to effectively transmit the loads into the hull shell. Thanks to the non-overlapping sail plan the chain plates are moved to the shear line, giving a wider shroud base and allowing the vertical loads to be absorbed by the hull in the same plane as the reinforced topsides, removing the need for tie rods and eliminating flex in the side decks.

“Warrior Won” is fitted with the deep keel fin (2.65m) option, fabricated from cast Iron, with a lead “T” bulb.
Each XP44 bulb and fin are encapsulated with a fibre glass skin and post-cured to prevent corrosion and create a perfectly symmetrical, smooth keel section.
She also benefits from the upgraded Carbon mast and boom option from Southern Spars.

“Warrior Won” is finished with white topsides in fantastic condition and a recently anti-fouled bottom.
This version presents as fantastically and is a real testament to the owner and full-time boat captain.

All North Sails

Two Reef Main 3di Raw 2017
Three Reef Main 3di Raw 2017

J1 3di Raw 2019
J1 3di Raw 2017

J2 3di Raw 2019
J2 3di Raw 2017

J3 3di Raw 2018

J4 3di Raw 2017
J4 2015

Specialist sails:
Jib Top 3di Raw 2019
Genoa Staysail 3di Raw 2019
Spin Staysail 2019
Fractional Jib Top 3di Raw 2017
Fractional Reaching Zero 2018
Code 0 2017
LRH 2018

A1 2017

A1.5 2018
A1.5 2015

A2 2019
A2 2017

A3 2017
A3 2016

A4 2019
A4 2018
A4 2017

A5 2018

Dacron Cruising Main
Dacron Cruising Jib

Storm Jib
Storm TrySail