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Sell My Boat.  Market your boat for sale on the leading boat classified listing site for the UK. At BoatClassified it is easy to create your boat sale advert.  Simply create your boat advertisement using your specification and photos. Upload your advert spec via our easy to use platform and pay for you boat for sale advert.  Our team will then approve your boat advert and list it live. All enquires generated from your boat advert will be sent directly to you via our secure e-mailing platform. From here you can take control of your sales leads, viewings and sale of your boat.

About BoatClassified

BoatClassified is the global marketplace for owners / brokers to list boats for sale. Be it a single classified or your entire inventory BoatClassified places your boat at the forefront of the market for global buyers to view and buy with ease.

BoatClassified offers the very latest in technology with a global search platform so buyers can sort, select and compare boat options. Our unique classified options provide you with the very best solution in advertising your boat for sale.

Contact us today and let our team assist you in creating your classified listing.

Listing A Boat

Listing could not be easier.  Simply contact our team who will happily add your classified listing onto the global market place. Today’s Listing Is Tomorrow’s Sale. Sell My Boat.

Unlimited Spec, Photo & Video

Sell my Boat – With each listing you can place an unlimited amount of detailed specification, place unlimited photos and even place a ultra high resolution boat sale or company profile promotional video. furthermore, buyers can view all of your specification and add your boat listing to our unique compare feature.  Buyers have the ability to contact your directly so that you are in 100% control of your sale.

We hope you find the website a useful and effective tool to advertise your boat and services.

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